Astros vs. Red Sox Game Highlights (5/18/22)

Astros vs. Red Sox Game Highlights (5/18/22)

Astros vs. Red Sox Game Highlights (5/18/22)

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Astros vs. Red Sox full game highlights from 5/18/22.

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45 bình luận cho “Astros vs. Red Sox Game Highlights (5/18/22)

  1. Absolutely masterful performance from Nick Pivetta, reminiscent of the Doug Fister one-hitter in 2017. J.D.'s streak sadly ends thanks to Kyle Tucker, but Raffy continues his utterly blazing hot streak.
    Also Xander homers, nice to see him and Story do well.

  2. 今天紅襪先發控球很到位,尾勁也夠,完投9局讓牛棚的投手可以休息一日,對下一系列的水手到來,無非是一件好事,希望紅襪可以開啟一連長的連勝之旅。

  3. Bah, tell me they don't do "the wave" in Boston, please! 5:46 I thought that was just a dumb west coast thing… I thought east coast teams had more class than that…. how disappointing…

  4. Awesome win Red Sox! Amazing pitching performance by Nick tonight! Who also completed the game. Boy did we need this one after Tuesday’s suckfest. Glad we won the series as well against the Astros 👏🏽 ⚾️. It’s not easy to shut them down of course.

  5. I would only need two wins by the Astros because I will be at Minute Maid Park tomorrow 5/19 & 5/20 because I will be at those two games. Just those two days only.

  6. WHAT A MASTERCLASS BY NICKY SMOOCH‼️ was just watching 2021 playoff highlights this morning and watched that game against the rays where we kept em scoreless thru extras, exquisite night by him and the bats were nice tonight. great series dub

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