Dakar Desert Rally: What we know so far

Dakar Desert Rally: What we know so far

Dakar Desert Rally: What we know so far

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Despite the lack of Dakar Desert Rally gameplay, we now have a pre-order trailer, the release date, gameplay details and a whole lot more info about this open-world rally racer.

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31 bình luận cho “Dakar Desert Rally: What we know so far

  1. "Here you can buy this thing off us right now and it's so amazing and omg you won't believe it and it's everything you want from a sim to casual arcade!"

    "can I see it then?"

    "It's too amazing"

    I have it on my wishlist on my X so I don't forget about it. But my optimism level is rather low as you can probably tell 😂

  2. I hope it’s better than horizon five off-road rally or it’s just going to bomb. I don’t see how you can make a gigantic off-road rally game interesting. These days all games follow the same boring pattern. I expect this to also be more of the same. another cookie cutter game.🍪🍪🍪

  3. I just hope the new Dakar rally game does not crash. I am sorry I am telling this repeatedly wherever possible , but I want this message to reach the developers. I am a huge Dakar rally fan.

  4. They're just turning SnowRunner into a PVP Online only Microtransactions ridden GreedForAll. No developer is immune to Greed. I won't be buying this. Looks boring and uninspired. May as well call it Gran Turismo rally. 🙄
    Nobody sees this for what it is..? They're betraying fans of the series in favor of higher long term profits from mostly children. This game will be a disaster. Greed ruins everything.

  5. So my boy ben liked my comment in the video? Glad to see you're in my opinion too

    They got to understand an engine is a musical instrument, in the class of wind, metal and fire, you cannot mute the vehicle and expect we applause in excitement just for hearing the WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII passing by

    And the most ridiculous of all is that Audi got a DTM V8, to charge the batteries (insert naked gun facepalm here)

  6. nothing I'm seeing here would make me want to play this instead of Forza Horizon 5.
    for me, it has to either be a better game, or have something different that a current game doesn't already have.
    So, as we already have FH5, and Snowrunner, I honestly cannot see why I'd pay money for this.
    Happy to be proven wrong, but I can't see it.

    Oh, and 2018 eh?? Ben…. 🙂

  7. This explains why phase 7 in snowrunner had 1 waste of time region ..there to busy working on this game when snowrunner is there best franchise and they didn’t care about us snowrunner fans .. wait and see if they mess this game up it looks promising but time will tell !!

  8. I really hope attention to detail is really in this game. It looks amazing. Would be cool to race round in an upgraded classic mini. Even a life size Traxxas Xmaxx with paddle tyres shredding up the sand.

  9. I really hope, it will be a modern mix of Baja – Edge of Control and FUEL (Not directly). Fuel was ofc extremely arcady, but its bonkers huge Map was a thing i loved. Driving. Just driving. For Hours. In one Direction. And the Biomes changed slowly. And no Tasks. Just driving. Now this with modern controls and physics. Yes.

    And please. Retro Dakar Vehicles. Proper Sound and Physics. I am not expecting the perfect game. Just not bad would be great.

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