Dodgers vs. Giants Game Highlights (9/5/21) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Giants Game Highlights (9/5/21) | MLB Highlights

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Dodgers vs. Giants Game Highlights (9/5/21) | MLB Highlights
Dodgers vs. Giants highlights from 9/5/21, pres. by Roman

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46 bình luận cho “Dodgers vs. Giants Game Highlights (9/5/21) | MLB Highlights

  1. " Now Brandon Belt, hes hit 20 HRs this year, he swings and he belts one! Deep into right center field ! Way back there! Still going! Adios pelota!!

    – Jon Miller

  2. Amazing to think it's been 70 years since the Giants and Dodgers met in the postseason, and never in the current playoff era. Long past time for that streak to be broken as good as these two teams are this year. Let's hope it happens.

  3. The Dodgers need to give up on Cody Bellinger! He can't hit any strike. He fouls back balls in the middle of the plate. A 170 hitter belongs on the bench period, even if Pollock is injured !!!!

  4. Buehler just got schooled really shocking to see. Dodgers lose series, season series, tie breaker home field advantage, and first place all because Buehler got schooled today.

  5. This is why austin barnes is a better catcher than will smith. When austin caught the 2nd game saturday barley any runs were scored but with smith They always score a lot when he’s catching

  6. Giants are playing clutch baseball and proving they're a very good team. Two bunt base hits shows willingness to win any way they can. We're on course for 1sr division title since 2012!

  7. Giants legit, no doubt. Dodgers are fine. Only issue now is Pollock hurt & Bellinger playing full-time. Pollock was playing very solid ball…Unfortunate. Right now, poor kid (Bellinger) couldn’t hit the ball if it were the size of a soccer ball. Maybe he’ll snap out of it. He’s so long to the ball…don’t quite understand how he and coaches haven’t significantly shortened his swing? Buehler got the one bad game out of his system. They’ll be ok

  8. Dodgers are allegedly the best team in the league. Bet L.A. fans wish they were as good as
    the Giants. S.F. reclaims sole possession of first place. Their remaining schedule favors them.

  9. Dodgers, my team, PLEASE get rid of the God awful blues….it's not you. I don't care what it represents; find better ways to represent whatever you are representing.

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