Game Recap: Heat 122, Wizards 95

Game Recap: Heat 122, Wizards 95

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Bradley Beal tallied seven points (1-14 FG, 7.1%) for the Wizards as they fell to the Heat, 122-95, ending his 17-game streak of 25+ point games to start the season. Beals 7.1% shooting tonight is the lowest FG% of his career thus far (min. 10 attempts). Jimmy Butler tallied 14 points, eight rebounds and nine assists for the Heat in the victory. The Heat improve to 8-14 on the season, while the Wizards fall to 5-14.


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9 bình luận cho “Game Recap: Heat 122, Wizards 95

  1. Wizards tanking.
    Shit team with no defence and just 2 guys taking most of the shots: "triple double & team loses" Russ, and "my averages are better than Jordan's & team loses" Beal.

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