Hot Toys Avengers End Game Captain America Unboxing & Review

Hot Toys Avengers End Game Captain America Unboxing & Review

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Hot Toys Avengers End Game Captain America Unboxing & Review

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34 bình luận cho “Hot Toys Avengers End Game Captain America Unboxing & Review

  1. Ryan, possible talking point for 1/6 scale news if you’re not already aware:

    Sideshow sent out emails in regards to early shipping for Mk85 Iron man a few weeks ago. I though for sure I’d be getting one of the second or third batch figures with the mk50 head sculpt, and was kind of bummed out. The figure arrived with the original mk85 head sculpt. Possibly people backing out of pre orders? Hot toys trying to get rid of them as soon as they can?

  2. Ryan, thank you for this review. Endgame Cap will be my very first Cap… so excited. I’m glad you brought out the concept Cap. I regret not getting concept Cap when he use still available. At any rate, can’t wait to get my Endgame Cap!

  3. I collect SH Figurearts, Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech, Mezco's, Mafex, a couple Pops but no Hot Toys because of pricing and simply no space. But I couldn't help it. Everyone be getting their sick ass Hot Toy figures and it's in when around September 2019 I made up my mind I was going to buy one. Just one Hot Toy so that I least finally reached the day there is a Hot Toy among my collection. But since it's only going to be one, I had to make it count. It had to be good. A character I love to death, a character I personally feel embodies me, and this character basically has to carry my collection. Be the big among the room. The representative of my awesome collection. It's when I realized that figure was going to be the goddamn Star Spangled Man with a Plan and choosing his latest look and honestly I've been hyped since I made the purchase. It feels like its been forever waiting for this thing but seeing you and many other Youtubers uploading your Hot Toy Avengers Endgame Captain America figure reviews this is finally a sign we regular folk are next in line to get them! 😭😄I'm happy what character I chose for my first and most likely only Hot Toy and your review shows me the figure lives up to the hype. This truly is THE Captain America figure. Thank you for the well analysis detailed figure review. ❤

  4. Great review, but yours seems to have a defect. The collar/shoulder material where it’s fixed to the scales are way off. They should be symmetrical.
    I’d get it replaced.

  5. Definitely looks like the best hot toys Captain America from what I’ve seen! Looks like I’m getting this figure for my college graduation next year (as long as the price doesn’t skyrocket)

  6. I preordered it when it first went up for PO but I ended up cancelling it because other figures took priority. But now hes going back on the order list for sure!

    PS:That Iron Man MK 85 has more ass than Cap 🤣

  7. Only have one hot toy but after I get my mandos ill probably go to my iron men and cap! This is amazing!
    If like to get the Iron Patriot II, Mark 7 and mark 87

    Thank you for sharing amazing content Ryan!

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