Insane German Game Show That Never Ends (Schlag den Star)

Insane German Game Show That Never Ends (Schlag den Star)

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This came from my stream on February 5th, 2021. I’m live every day but Saturday, come watch live next time:

Schlag den Star on Steam:

I spent some time on stream looking for game show games on Steam. Sadly there’s a dearth of North American ones, but Germany has picked up the slack. Let’s check out Schlag den Star, a bizarre combination of trivia and bean bag tossing that lasts long into the night.


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  1. That's not Bob Segat, that'S Elton! Man man man … aber gut, ein so großer Unterschied ist das nicht.

    Congrats to the flood of german comments egghead 😀

    Oh btw, when you'Re reading german, you are butchering it SO badly, that it actually sounds like dutch gg

  2. These shows are/were a big thing in Germany, grown ass people playing silly games, and the hosts and producers trying to make it as tense as humanly possible. Back then I never realized how stupid it is, but it's stupid in a good way imo.
    Please keep up the game show content, it's a goldmine for laughs!

  3. This was hilarious to watch! I've watched lots of these kinds of shows as a child and never expected to see you play something like this.
    Thanks for the great content! ^^
    Btw your German pronunciation is not only funny as hell, but also suprisingly accurate at times. But I already knew that from your GeoGuesser series, which I'm still binging by the way!

  4. Posting something related to Germany is like an ancient evocation to summon every german citizen to post german comments.
    Of course other countries to that too, but there is a huge difference to other countries and Germany in terms of letting everyone know they are from Germany, like "HEY LOOK, I'M FROM THAT COUNTRY YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!! HERE HERE! ACHTUNG!!"
    (I'm from Austria, but I refrain from posting in german on english channels)

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