Introducing project Reborn… the coolest game you'll never play

Introducing project Reborn… the coolest game you'll never play

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42 bình luận cho “Introducing project Reborn… the coolest game you'll never play

  1. Emailed these guys constantly for about 2 years straight wondering whatever happened to this game was super hyped and no response definitely saddened it never came through RIP. "Reborn" 2017-2018

  2. This looks like the game of my dreams. Fuxx me, this is so mindblowing. How sad. How sad. Horrible and a shame that such masterful game art content ends up on the Unity Asset Store.

  3. like the concept. they should make more games like this and i can see it being a switch title. i can see the game succeeding but only as a reaction or twitch title.

  4. Producing games cost a lot of money and are intensively time consuming… and if you're lucky enough to have your game published somewhere, it will be a financial failure anyway, at least for the first project. I speak for experience and i worked for a studio with other 13 people for 4 years, and then the company closed right after the release of the second game with a financial blackhole of almost 2 million Euro. So i can understand devs luck of faith to end it if they don't have money to keep their passion alive. Nowadays developing indie games is more likely a passion, an art than a real job.

  5. If the game disappeared, and assets started showing up on the marketplace, then likely what happened is the project was being worked on with contract artists, and after the project was either shut down or stopped being worked on for whatever reason, maybe those artists decided to recoup some of their time by selling the assets that they made for this game. I've seen it happen with other indie projects.

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