New Game, No Problem: The Story of Sinatraa

New Game, No Problem: The Story of Sinatraa

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Becoming the best doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and countless hours to reach the top of any esport. But what happens when you become the best? What happens once you’ve accomplished everything? What happens when the world’s best player decides to walk away at the height of his career?

This is The Story of Sinatraa

Written by: Niall McCrossan (@niallmccrossan)
Edited by: Jason Durante (@JayJay_Durante)
Narrated by: Sebastien Martin-Schultz (@Seb_dot)
Thumbnail by: Brandon Mistele

Footage Credits:

Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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45 bình luận cho “New Game, No Problem: The Story of Sinatraa

  1. Here’s my top picks for Overwatch pros who deserve their own esports story
    Super (The rein player who shattered the gods)
    Dafran (pro player, turned pro farmer)
    Jake (the former outlaw, with a big brain)

  2. I remember playing overwatch back in 2018, was actually able to get in a few games with Sinatraa when I hit grandmaster at the time and man playing with that guy he was something different on that tracer.

  3. I 1v1 against this guy in Overwatch on a smurf of his. He was very drunk and still kicked my ass bad. He wouldn't tell me who he was just that he was an esports player but he mentioned where he was on the leaderboard on one of the seasons and I just found him. Also, he was toxic as hell.

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