Resin Basics: Supplies I Recommend for Resin Beginners | Sweet Art Crafts

Resin Basics: Supplies I Recommend for Resin Beginners | Sweet Art Crafts

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Hey everyone! I know that when starting out with resin, it is a bit hard to know which supplies that you should purchase and which you should hold off on purchasing, I’ve been there. In this video, I go in depth of the different supplies that I personally feel that every resin beginner should have when starting out. You do not necessarily have to get every single thing that was shown in the categories that had multiples of the same type of item, but at least one of each so that you can get a feel of each type of product in your resin crafts. I really hope that you guys find this video helpful and please share this video with anyone who is just starting out with resin and is also looking for advice on what products they should get. Don’t forget to Subscribe, Comment, Like and Share this video.

Epoxy resin- The Epoxy Resin Store ClearCast 7050, Liquid Diamonds, Art N’ Glow & Faux Rizzle Nouveau
Molds- Sweet Art Crafts
#5 cups-
Resin dye- CASTIN CRAFT Casting Epoxy Resin Opaque White
UV resin-
UV light/Torch-
Transparency film-
Keychain hardware- &
Precision tip bottle-
Isopropyl Alcohol- 91% from Walmart

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  1. I wish I would've started my resin journey a little bit before the pandemic happened. Cuz its impossible for me to find the correct mask and finding 91% alchohol is nothing short of a miracle. Thanks for this video I follow ur IG and I appreciate the effort you put in to make and provide us with this video

  2. I love the army bomb mold! I would love to buy your molds, it’s just it’s expensive in my currency so that’s sad 😔. I use the 3:1 resin and it cures beautifully, just it cures fully in around 48H, so usually my glitters just sinks and if i were to let the resin cure a bit and then add the glitters, the mini bubbles is a headache 😭 i dont know how to solve this

  3. I had to find this out the hard way (a few times) but if you get resin on your skin, use alcohol or hand sanitizer. I tried soap and water, made it worse.I was using a 1:1 resin. Also I want to try a 2:1 resin BUT the last one I used had a really strong smell that didn’t fade for like a day and a half. Any suggestions for resin that’s not “fume-y”?

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