The WORST Game of 2021? – Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 59

The WORST Game of 2021? – Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 59

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Tim, Greg, Blessing, and Imran give impressions on Balan’s Wonderland, Super Mario 3D World, Cyber Shadow, and more.

Time Codes:
00:00:00 – Start
00:05:00 – Housekeeping
00:06:25 – Super Mario 3D World
00:22:05 – Balan’s Wonderworld
00:45:43 – Ads
00:48:07 – Destruction All Stars
01:05:00 – Cyber Shadow
01:15:21 – Division 2 Next Gen Update


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41 bình luận cho “The WORST Game of 2021? – Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 59

  1. Destruction All Stars should have been more like twisted metal than a fortnite game. Just add car weapon and original dark characters, and make it like an battle royale 100 players at the same time racing and trying to be nr 1 alive.

  2. I’m not defending destruction all stars in any way but when Tim says he’s surprised a PlayStation studios game is not a banger when PlayStation studios has been on a roll lately, I think they knew that and that’s why it went to a free to play model.

  3. I’m surprised how much I enjoy Destruction Allstars. Its very limited in its modes and the cosmetics aren’t great, but the core gameplay is pretty fun. Great for a ps+ game

  4. Cyber Shadow has kinda crazy 80's synthesizer music that was bumpin way too hard for my taste… I had to turn the music way down lol. Of course Tim jocks the music hahaha

  5. LOL it almost feels like they charge $70 for Destruction All Stars just so they can say they are giving a high value this month for PS+ "Free Monthly Games". I feel like even trying to charge $50, instead of the classic budget price of $40 would have gotten this game so much negative press.This should have always been a free to play game, with the hope they can get a player base to buy micro transactions.

    I actually would have been excited for a new Twisted Metal game honestly, this was a fail.

  6. Yeah the Balan demo is astoundingly bad. It's a shame since I've really liked Yuji Naka's post Sega career, particularly the Wii version of Rodea. But none of these games sold at all. And now Balan is going to review terribly and bomb even harder :'(

  7. I'm happy for Imran but I do hope to see him return to gamescast every so often. I feel that he brings more of an "everyday" gamer opinion to the table and it's nice to have "our" voice on the show.

  8. A. The swimming, swaying, deforming backgrounds on Balan made almost barf. I’m still recovering from motion sickness 2 hours later.

    B. Destruction All Stars is fun as hell. I can’t believe not a single one of you grokked it. Yeah, selling it at $70 would have been crazy pants and it needs more to fill it out but the moment to moment gameplay is a blast.

  9. I get they're not feeling Destruction All Stars game. But, the comparison to the shooters and combat games with no buzz is unfair.

    There is no other good big budget car combat game, and I'm glad this game exist. And I hope we see more PlayStation Studios games that delve into genres we haven't seen in their slate since like ps1-ps2 days.

    Do these games need appeal to the masses? Probably not, and that's cool. I rather it exists so those who do like them can play them and can slowly cultivate and audience.

  10. So just an FYI and not in defense of the game AT ALL, the demo does have two more levels that are significantly better than all the world 1 farm crap. But again, significantly better from absolute garbage isn't a huge leap. I will say that the jump/kick costume that you get in one of those other levels made the demo at least playable. Do not ask me why I decided to 100% the demo and wished I could have had all of that time back.

  11. Destruction AllStars is a really good subpar game. I enjoy the game at its core. However, I hate that the challenge expansions are locked behind the premium paywall. Other than that, the game’s a solid 7/10 from me.

  12. Anyone else surprised they're even offering PS5 games for PS Plus? A game like Destruction All-Stars probably would've benefited if they waited a few months until more people have the console.

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