War on the Sea – The Campaign – First Look – New Game – USA – Part 1

War on the Sea – The Campaign – First Look – New Game – USA – Part 1

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War on the Sea:
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In today’s video we take a first look at the new World War II, naval combat game, War on the Sea, which focuses on the Second World War, and the South Pacific.
1942: The world is at war
The Japanese Empire expands throughout the Pacific where Allied forces attempt to halt its spread. A desperate struggle for control of the Solomon Islands is now underway.

How will you protect your transports as they deliver troops and supplies in the South Pacific? Will you deploy precious aircraft carriers to provide air cover? Do you screen the area with submarines? Or attempt to lure the enemy navy into a decisive surface engagement?
Major Features:
 Real time naval combat
 Theatrical external-view game play
 Play as Allied Forces or Imperial Japan
 Over 50 classes of playable ships
 Dynamic campaign
 Tactical control of aircraft (not a flight simulator)
 Fight fires, counter flood compartments and repair ships
 Sink ships using realistic buoyancy physics
 Historical missions based on actual naval engagements

#WorldWar #Strategy #WWII

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39 bình luận cho “War on the Sea – The Campaign – First Look – New Game – USA – Part 1

  1. If anyone would like to share their thoughts, I would appreciate it. I'm thinking about getting the game. I've heard the UI is bad and the AI is dull. Should I wait for updates or settle for Atlantic Fleet?

  2. "shit the chester was struck by a torpedo" well make a damn decision and quit beating around the bush and maybe it wouldnt happen. ffs skipped half your video while you played around about making a decision

  3. Already purchased this game… it seems like an easy going version of WiP.
    i think the IA needs to improve along with some game mechanics but overall it seems like a nice game.

    i can't help with time for depth charges, but in real life minimum depth was 50 meters, since that would give the escort enough time to safely keep going (minimum speed for depth charge drop was 8knots) and furthermore if a depth charge exploded at 50mtrs the "damage zone" for the sub would be from 60 meters up until surface. That was and still is pretty effective against subs at periscope depth, and mostly 50mtrs is the pre-charged depth for airbone depth charges. All of these reason made that since WW2 most submarine navys have an emergency dive of 70mtrs from surface or snorkel/periscope depth

  4. Unbelievable, dude you are clueless and I had to stop watching you just take hits and sailing in a nice straight line this game is not for you pal sorry fail!!! If you making a video at the very least learn how to play the game.

  5. 31:11 The user interface in the middle shows you the status of your ship and the target enemy. The depth is at the bottom right.

    By the way, if you make too much noise, you will lose your passive sonar contact. This can be the case when the chasing ships are under full steam and their machines drown out the enemy, when you launch depth charges and by using the active sonar. Active sonar only works when you are almost on top of the submarine, you have to use the passive sonar first to find it.

  6. Painful to see arcade micromanagement hells like this with zero commitment to realism masquerade as "simulation" or "wargame" these days. This is like the Angry Birds version of what a wargame is supposed to be.

  7. Ever try using sonar? lol Hmm lets try that idea after you get schooled by a bot sub torpedoing 4 of your ships. If I wanted to see stupid people making dumb decisions I would watch the news. LOL

  8. I bought the game and have about an hour and a half spent in it. The UI is way too much like everyone says it is. I wish they'd made it more like their previous titles, turn by turn action. If I wanted this kind of depth I'd buy Battlestations Pacific, a game that covers air, surface and submarine combat quite well in very well balanced and fun atmosphere.

  9. i worked in the solomons for 10 years so i actually been to some of those islands, been up savo island too, a dormant volcano which overlooks iron bottom sound, good times

  10. The game will be improved with patches and improvements during this month, Killerfish games seem to have a love with releasing wonky games with high prices, then they eventually fixed it to perfection in the next year, then they add the expansions for the Atlantic and Mediterranean during said next year.

    If you were to follow my advice, you need patience and should only play after 1 or 6 months after the initial release of the game.

    The problem here is that their is only 1 developer and his wife working on this game, the company split apart in 2019 which have made matters worse.

  11. I’m curious if there are other revenue streams for command points besides simply killing ships. Because if you take a couple big ship losses (IE a couple cruisers or your CV) you are essentially done for in the campaign otherwise.

  12. Seems odd they would literally show you the sub. Seems kinda easy to kill a sub if you can set up a camera and watch it underwater. Also not sure why it surfaced from one near miss. Also that is a large submarine being more tonnage than 2 DD's!

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