Why NASCAR ‘21 Will Be the Most Important NASCAR Game EVER!

Why NASCAR ‘21 Will Be the Most Important NASCAR Game EVER!

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NASCAR ‘21 is picking up a bit of steam when it comes to hype. Videos are coming out, rumors are leaking, and there is a bit of talk for a new era. So today I wanted to look back at this series and see where we can go from here and how big this entry into the series can end up being. This is why NASCAR ‘21 will be the most important NASCAR game EVER!

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29 bình luận cho “Why NASCAR ‘21 Will Be the Most Important NASCAR Game EVER!

  1. you said legendary drivers but didn't say Benny Parsons or Richard Petty. Complete with paint schemes. If this game you are worried about is going to be targeted towards a new generation, why not through some history of the sport in to it?…..

  2. Legendary drivers would be huge. Dale Sr, Dale Jr, Richard Petty, Rusty Wallace, Cale Yarborough, Bobby Allison, Donny Allison, Davey Allison, Ricky Rudd, Allen Kulwicki, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson. So many legends. Maybe a little bit of history for the younger generation to learn about Nascar's past.

  3. While it can always be better, and NASCAR 21 has huge potential, I think people need to stop feeling so entitled, and realize how much effort and love were actually put into this game. All it takes is to look at a couple interviews to know that they did they best they could despite the game engine.

  4. Nascar games all suck. Not one has good crash physics. Not much if any difference one game to the next. I never buy one until it's five bucks. That way i don't feel bad when i play it and throw it in the garbage an hour later.

  5. I’ve met with a lot of people who work on the heat games and they want everything you said (replays, better physics, paint booth which they’ve been working on for awhile and should be coming) but they’re a small company and don’t have the resources the old EA nascar games or F1 games so they can’t produce those things all in one year. id rather have the heat guys instead of ea who refuse to make games like madden better out of laziness and greed because the heat guys actually listen to the community and while they probs should just take one thing and make it great instead of stretching themselves thin and wasting years trying to make like 5 things great in one year and in the end missing the deadlines and move it off to the next game, but in the end they don’t deserve the heat they’ve been getting towards them

  6. Career mode should be like everything used to be. Start at the bottom on the truck series, no sponsor, win and work your way up to the cup series earning better sponsers. Then after you becomr good enough to win the series you should have an amount of money or points you work towards so you can start your own team, hire and fire drivers and manage sponsors and paint jobs, drive till your the best team in nascar.

  7. Consoles could have careers, progression, free agency etc. Even as a dedicated iracer I might pick it up for that. But, when it comes to realistic racing, you're gonna struggle competing with iracing.

  8. I think the coolest thing they could do is to add era's like NBA 2K did when they put in the 95-96 Bulls and the 64-65 Celtics. Like if we could drive with Petty and Allison against other older cars or go to Dale sr. Era with Jeff Gordon that would be soooo cool!

  9. Loved the paint booth but almost all Nascar games feel like the tracks are too narrow while going to fast especially since the AI is always on rails and all running the same line.

  10. good video im happy to see someone else with similar beliefs on the game. For me one of the glaring changes between the old and new games that keep the old games relevant is just the little details that made the games so fun. Details the current games dont have. For example, when you would scrape a wall, a stripe of your paint would go on the wall. Or if you made contact with a car door to door, a tire donut on the side. How about the restarts? The current games the cpu makes everyone spread out and look ununiformed where in reality, they would be bunched up close and tight. I love a game that feels more on the real side and the little details are what provide that. What never made sense to me is why these things went away…I mean were in 2021… shouldnt we be building up and moving forward instead of regressing?

    On a side note i kinda laugh when i see "pro league nascar heat"…. these people would get spanked by any average iRacer

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